TRIPS Web OD provides an integrated solution for decisioning by account officers and relationship managers of
Insufficient Funds, Uncollected, and other items typically decisioned by Account or Relationship Managers.
Deploying strict workflow methodologies to enable automatic escalation, deadline management, and lending limit
administration, TRIPS Web OD enhances the bank officer’s ability to administer decisions beyond the “Brick and
Mortar” while reducing the risk that those decisions may lead to unnecessary losses. When integrated with TRIPS
Exceptions, a powerful and dynamic work flow vehicle becomes available to improve customer service, increase
decision visibility and reduce risk.
• Thin Client – Image assisted solution to support easy rollout and contiguous use by thousands of account officers
• Integrates with TRIPS Exceptions or can stand alone
– Provides significant additional efficiencies when used with TRIPS Exceptions
– Common API’s allow TRIPS Web OD to work well with other back office exceptions applications
• Decisioning for NSF, Uncollected Funds, etc.
– Compiles all needed information on a single decisioning screen
– Can display item images upon request of the decisioner
– Allows for broadcast messaging
– Supports a variety of cut-off times
– Decisions can be updated based on changing account conditions throughout available decision windows
• Policy Automation
– Escalation
◦ Admini ster rules for secondary approval of certain decisions
◦ In terrogate the projected overdraft and officers “lending limit”
◦ Automatic re-assignment of decisions when workflow contingencies are encountered
◦ Esc alation points can see items they could potentially receive later in decisioning process
– Overdraft Policy and Lending Limit Administration
◦ Each deciding officer has alternate and escalation assignees
◦ Each deciding officer can have a “Lending Limit” assigned to their decisions
◦ Automatic escalation can be implemented to send account decisions in violation of an officers authorization
t o a higher level if lending limits do not support the overdraft amount being authorized.
• Event driven notification via e-mail, text message, etc.