TRIPS Web Direct provides a new Treasury Management revenue stream by providing your “enrolled” bank
customers with new levels of self service. With TRIPS Web Direct, you can provide remote reporting, research,
charge back decisioning, and review of incoming return item activity to your customers, all via the Web – same
day! Enhanced event notification also alerts enrolled clients to “breaking events” and places the necessary
information and items right on their own desktop computer for investigation and action.
Customer decisions, data entry, correction requests, etc., are automatically amended to item records as your
customer works them. Bank cut-off times can be administered to control production impacts and key items and
customer activities can be monitored and reported each day.
• Thin client technology – Bank specific software is not required on the bank customer’s desktop
• Image delivery to the enrolled customer’s desktop for all items requested
• Customer controls, security, and user administration
– Super User definition
◦ Assigns acc ounts to other users
◦ Reviews set-up
◦ Determines teams
• Event notification alerts the user to new conditions on accounts
– Large dollar item received
– New work
– Time constraints
• Item level decisioning tools
– Re-clear / Chargeback
– Addendum information entry – Maker, location, store number, etc.
– Dispute designation for items assigned in error
• Research and review of historical activity
• New fee opportunities
• Dynamic, user configurable Web-based reporting