TRIPS Outgoing automates all phases of the outgoing return item process. As a fully integrated and image based
solution, it seamlessly works with TRIPS Exceptions to facilitate the latest workflows required by Image Exchange.
When available all necessary routing information is carried forward with the items from X9 files for automated
handling. If no X9 information is available, outgoing items can be image captured or have data transferred directly
from TRIPS Exceptions. Once the information is confirmed, paper or electronic (X9.37) cash letters are
automatically generated by endpoint. As a fully integrated system, TRIPS Outgoing creates all posting entries,
including G/L settlement, and sends “On-Us” / “By-Us” items directly into TRIPS Incoming, eliminating the need
for additional handling.
• Integrated with TRIPS Incoming, TRIPS Adjustments, TRIPS Exceptions, TRIPS Relay and TRIPS Image Exchange
• Image Exchange Features – (facilitated by the TRIPS Image Exchange Module)
– Recognizes the source of the item (X9.37, IRD, or paper)
– Supports multiple levels of automatic output files via user define-able endpoints
– Generates replacement documents directly without the need to utilize any other third party product if
X9 fil e output is not an option
• Speed key assisted data entry is performed strictly from the check image, not the physical item, and is assisted
by the all items file source identification lookup.
• Bank of First Deposit is easily identified by end point, speed key, and RT
• Items received by the bank via an X9.37 file can utilize the Bank of First Deposit record to obtain
the proper default
• Integrated item processing capabilities
– Creation of sort files, breakout sort and fine sort (as required)
– Cashletter matching for low volume outgoing end-points
– Transport based power encode with intelligent match of rejects
– Accommodates multiple Fed Districts and cashletter fine sort
• Ability to create all posting entries
• Direct send of “On-Us”/ “By-Us” items into TRIPS Incoming without the need to recapture items
• Image-based item research can recreate “lost” cashletter, advice, etc., including data and images