TRIPS® Legal

TRIPS™ Legal brings the very latest technologies to the process of handling all court related inquiries and

mandates.  TRIPS Legal deploys multi-tiered Special Instructions, Rules and Governance tables and leading

edge workflow features never before seen deployed to these critical and time sensitive functions. You will

experience unparalleled control by using our state of the art timeline and actions management capabilities

originally established in our exclusive TRIPS UCM (Universal Case Management) solution. TRIPS Legal also

provides configuration capabilities and workflow interview scripts that are easily deployed edited and

updated. TRIPS Legal reshapes and fundamentally redesigns how banks look at the Legal Mandate fulfillment

process while enhancing both customer service and employee satisfaction, while improving cost models for

a long overlooked area of the back office resolution process.





  • Incorporates the receipt and resolution of legal orders and mandates:

– Levies, Subpoenas, Garnishments, Reclamations, Others Added as Market Provides

  • Case or mandate receipt and entry

– Local Intranet, Bulk or Batch, Distributed Intranet Entry (Outside requests)

  • Case expense estimation based on internal application information
  • Electronic file exchange
  • Editable State, Federal and Local (as applicable) rules table

– Definable by Application / Instance Level, Work Segment and Account Product

  • Automated pre-defined account table and product code lookup supporting case inclusion / exclusion

– Editable by Individual Bank Customer Account Rules

  • Library of links and references

– “Knowledge database” and “library of links” for reference & confirmation

  • Federal payment override support
  • Configurable user defined workflows

– Case type, work type, data acquisition, automation assisted next steps and event driven notifications

  • Assisted distribution and management information

– Staff distribution modeling (staffing, expertise, availability)

  • Electronic document and workflow management