TRIPS Incoming allows you to profitably process return items using the very best and most widely adopted image
and workflow technologies from DSS. Now, with ACH Return capabilities included in the base product, TRIPS
Incoming can be your single solution for Enterprise Return Item Processing. Fully capable of maximizing every
opportunity afforded by Image Exchange and Electronic Transactions handling, TRIPS Incoming automates the
entire incoming returns process. With TRIPS Incoming, all tasks can be prioritized to capture the maximum
amount of service level based revenue.
• Integrated with TRIPS Exceptions, TRIPS Adjustments and TRIPS Web Direct
• Processes Check Based, as well as all Other ACH Return Types (Converted Check and Legacy ACH)
• Improves All Return Item Treasury Management Revenue Performance
– The most comprehensive traditional check based special processing
– Recovers check incoming return special handling revenue lost to ACH payment migration
– Provides new ACH incoming return special handling revenue never before available
• Provides Unique TRIPS Redeposit Warehouse for Broader RCK Type Fee Revenue Without NACHA Restrictions
• Completely Image Exchange Ready
– Original source tracking of each item
– Generate fees for 99 different services
– Generates substitute checks (IRDs) directly and without the need to utilize another third party products
– Internal redeposit history files and warehousing
– Generation of IRD Advices (advices followed by IRDs) to eliminate the need for all sorting of chargeback items
• Processes items by task for maximum efficiency (TRIPS Queue Processing)
• Processes centralized returns, either as Bank of First Deposit or centralized service provider
• Handles RCK Redeposit’s
• Automatically provides notifications and images to customers via fax, advice, image statement, image
Transmission, CD-ROM or web delivery (internet / intranet)
– Reduces phone calls and mailing extra copies
– Eliminates photo copies
• Web-enabled customer viewer
• Prints IRDs in correct order to follow each advice
• Easily accommodates jnique customer requests through one of a kind TRIPS Special Instructions
• Provides automated processing for early notification systems – EARNS, FedLine (Web), ECP, SWIFT, etc.
• Supports multiple item processing sites