TRIPS Fraud implements the Sereno™ fraud identification tool from Orbograph Corporation as the image and
transaction analysis engine within TRIPS Fraud. This innovative technology identifies fraudulent items based on
Multi-Source Correlation Modeling™ where false positive “clutter” is greatly reduced and the remaining suspect
items are resolved via the TRIPS Exceptions decisioning platform for pay/return decisions. By significantly
reducing false positives, our customers have the ability to decide upon adjusting staff or adjusting fraud thresholds
to properly align their new cost model. TRIPS Fraud builds account level profiles over time providing an
image and statistical representation of account activity. As a result you get the best of both worlds; a software
solution that as time goes by…works both harder and smarter for you!
• Signature Verification:
– Compares image signature on check against signatures of previously cleared check(s) (signature card optional)
– Signature presence detection
– Manages small and large signer lists for personal and business checks
• Pre-Authorized Draft
– Detects Pre-Authorized Drafts and is processed like a check at the account level
• CAR/LAR Comparison:
– Targets amount alterations and protects deposits by intelligently comparing the CAR and LAR amounts
• CAR Style Validation:
– Utilizes digit modeling with cent pattern analysis to identify deviations within accounts
– 2nd source verification to improve accuracy on borderline suspects
• Payee/Payer Recognition:
– Match against good/bad payee lists (global and account level)
– Applicable on select transit items
• Application Logic:
– Provides infrastructure for single bank, multi-bank or service bureau
– Provides image analysis and transaction analysis for teller, branch and remote deposit captured items.
– Account level optimization and profiling
– Accuracy improves as fraudulent images are confirmed in system
– Identifies duplicate checks from multiple workflows
– Detects amount and serial out of range transactional data suspects
– TRIPS Suite on demand item interrogation
– Decisions logged for reporting queries