TRIPS® Exceptions

TRIPS Exceptions was the first widely accepted image exceptions solution, and is currently implemented by many
top 50 banks in the United States. Providing the very latest capabilities to process Universal Exception Items
(i.e. exceptions from any payment stream), with TRIPS Exceptions you can take the “exception” out of the process
all the way through handling it as a return and adjusting customer accounts. TRIPS Exceptions is a highly
integrated solution that has proven itself as “best of breed” in the Image Exchange and electronic payments
worlds and now with the optional “Decision Now Processing™” module, decisions on items can be made almost
instantaneously; eliminating the need to wait for “Day Two”.

• Integrated with TRIPS Incoming, TRIPS Adjustments, TRIPS Outgoing, TRIPS Web OD, TRIPS Relay and TRIPS Fraud
Capable for customized screen builds to import and decision most any type of Exception Item
• Optional “Decision Now Processing” module allows for decisions to be made on items immediately after they
have been identified as exceptions rather than waiting until after posting for “Day Two” handling
• Image Exchange Features (facilitated by the TRIPS Image Exchange Module)
– Item source indicator carried from tracking to point of receipt
– Automated Return Routing Identification if Populated
– Image quality returns may be accepted and “auto processed” if the bank chooses
– Ad Hoc Image Quality Return identification
• Extensive image-based workflow
– “Smart” auto processing based on current item decisions
– Queue distribution based on type of exception (stops, large dollar, NSF, invalid account, etc.)
– Queue Management allows for flexible routing, prioritization and service level modeling
• Balancing of work throughout all processes automatically
• Greater efficiencies through legacy TRIPS features and functions
– Notifications via image, fax, e-mail, mail, or Swift
– Customer advices
– Charging flexibility
– Automated bank and account level special instructions
– Automated fee and financial offset processing
• Signature verification interface and companion item review on decisioners’ screens
• Interfaces to mainframe and other bank systems for data retrieval, holds placement, and end of day posting files