TRIPS® Dispute

Many companies process disputes through manually intensive processes with wasteful practices for the entry of
information, tracking regulatory mandates, customer service needs, risk monitoring and eventual resolution.
TRIPS Dispute automates the processing of Regulation “E” (primarily debit card) and Regulation “Z” (primarily
credit card) disputes, along with many other customer disputes. You will experience unparalleled control by using
our state of the art timeline and actions management capabilities originally established in our exclusive TRIPS
Universal Case Management (UCM) solution. TRIPS Dispute also provides configuration capabilities and workflow
interview scripts that are easily deployed edited and updated.
• Single point Web based entry
• Automated distribution and resolution of cases based on type write-off thresholds
• Proactive transaction flagging based on real-time, historical and interactive “alerts” warehousing
• Historical tracking of repeat dispute claims
• Configurable interview scripts by dispute type for initial case input and data acquisition
• Define-able “What if” criteria for interrogation and auto close of items
– Based on status of previous actions
• Relationship customer liability review
– Based on type of claim and expediency of reporting the unauthorized transaction
– Configurable settings for special customer’s with a long standing good relationships
• Configurable notifications
• Feed forward approach for case data retention and ea sy recall/resolution needs
• Independent case service level and resolution timelines
• Merchant Code index
– Allows for electronic storage of contact information as well as identification of reoccurring issues with specific
merchant locations
• Automated customer and general ledger accounting entries
• Interfaces with external applications such as ACH, Credit Card and Debit Card networks
• Electronic file folders deployed for case documentation storage and retrieval
– Centralized repository allows for storage and recall of documentation required by type along with any specific
financial institution requirements
– Eliminates the cost and risk of paper records
• Interfaces to bank core systems to retrieve necessary information for resolution
– Customer relationship and name/address information
– Statement history
– Pending debit / credit activity
– Balance information
• Web based claim status inquiry
• Template driven customer notifications for opening, managing and closing cases