TRIPS® Collections

TRIPS Collections brings the very latest technologies to the process of handling all domestic and international
collection requests including, bad checks, bond “coupons”, payor drafts, oil and gas leases, and more. TRIPS
Collections has multi-tiered Special Instructions and leading edge features and functions which the industry has
come to expect from DSS solutions. TRIPS Collections reshapes how banks look at the collection process and
greatly enhances customer service, employee satisfaction, and cost models for a long overlooked area of the
payments process.
• Automatic offsets by collection type
• Rate table lookups for appropriate international item exchanges
• Collection status exported through bank’s existing customer information portal
• Integrated CIF, all items and balance files
– Greater efficiencies through legacy TRIPS features and functions including:
– Notifications via fax, e-mail, phone, regular mail
– Customer advices
– Charging flexibility for both “our” and “their” fees
– Automated bank and account level Special Instructions
– Automated fee and financial offset processing
• Daily internal account query for pending “On Us” NSF items
• Trace letters and/or e-mails based on user configurable timelines
• Generation of Cashier Checks
• Full posting interface to DDA, Savings, and G/L for all payment options and fees
• Image capable allowing scanning of supporting documentation
• Acknowledgement letters can be generated for both customers and sending banks
• Enhanced reporting, audit, and service level controls