TRIPS® Adjustments

Upon its market introduction, TRIPS Adjustments brought much needed automation and a positive return on
investment to the adjustments process. Now with the release of TRIPS Adjustments 3.0 and its resounding
worldwide adoption, the industry is shifting to DSS and our unique way of bringing maximum efficiency more
than ever before. How the public, as well as the financial centers they use, track and resolve adjustment cases
will continue to evolve and Adjustments 3.0 is in a class all its own ready to support that evolution. As always,
users of TRIPS Incoming and TRIPS Exceptions will continue to enjoy the added benefit of TRIPS Adjustments
ground breaking, seamless integration. With the entire TRIPS Suite installed in your back office, every step of
your back office process is truly automated and paperless, driving efficiencies that are unprecedented
in today’s marketplace.

• Direct integration to the existing TRIPS Image Product Suite
– Non-posted item disposition
– Incoming return source of receipt
– Not Our Items (XCK, etc.)
• Independent case service level and resolution timelines
• Legacy TRIPS GUI and functionality
– Standard features and functionality from other TRIPS products
– DSS proven approach for Universal Back Office processing
• Automated customer and general ledger accounting entries
• Automated Processes
– Case Entry – Federal Reserve, SVPCo, Clearinghouses, Customer and Branch direct feeds eliminate the
need to re-key
– Data Fetch – Automated processes insure that cases move to processors as quickly as possible and with all
required information
– Assignment – Smart processes update employees current and future workloads to empower the assignment
of new cases and information updates to existing cases received
– Resolution – Powerful workflow rules processes within TRIPS Adjustments presents to your users the required
next steps to enable it to move effortlessly through the processing cycle towards resolution
• Key features for inquiry distributed to the Web via “thin client” technologies
– Branch query
– Customer support areas
– Home banking
• Automated archive retrieval
• Automated settlement, charge-off and duplicate processing