The TRIPSĀ® Universal Exceptions Management Suite provides the most complete, fully integrated Back Office Solutions available anywhere in the market.

The TRIPS Suite, is comprised of a set of back office process automation and case management solutions that handle all types of transaction and dispute processing needs. TRIPS products include universal payments solutions for exception item processing, incoming and outgoing returns, image exchange, adjustments, dispute/claims processing, domestic/international collections and special legal mandates (subpoenas, levies, garnishments, etc.)

Built to handle a universal payment process, TRIPS has been chosen time and again as the solution that bankers turn to. TRIPS is installed at a majority of the top 30 U.S. banks but its client list also includes institutions of every size and configuration.

Common user interface approaches are deployed across the TRIPS Suite. This provides for user familiarity across the entire platform and assists TRIPS users in both cross functional and support roles, while new users are comfortable with TRIPS and become productive quickly.

When you implement TRIPS, your investment carries forward both operationally and technically. TRIPS deploys the latest .net and SQL technologies to bring TRIPS clients a more cohesive support environment with common file sharing and integrated workflow processes.

With leading edge technology and process automation, the efficiency of the TRIPS Suite helps our clients lead the way with the most streamlined and flexible solutions anywhere.