We are very excited to announce our intention to add another exciting component to the DSS suite of image solutions – TRIPS® Legal.

After looking at a number of banks and their processes for handling legal mandates (Subpoenas, Garnishments, Levies and Escheatment’s) we strongly believe a TRIPS solution will be enthusiastically received by the market. Our plans include an active Development and Advisory Partner program so please read further to see how you can be involved.

During our market study for this solution we found bank operations areas that were highly manual, had extreme amounts of paper handling and were using numerous inadequate systems – many of them “in-house” and unsupported. We found processes subject to extreme volume fluctuations, very complex in the number of State and Federal rules, regulations and standards in play and with little to no effective Business Continuity options.

We believe these issues are very similar to every area we’ve built TRIPS solutions for in the past and we see a logical fit for DSS to deliver just as much “change for the better” to this process as we already have in the areas  of Disputes, Collections, Adjustments, Returns and Exceptions. An important factor is that the timeline to deliver this product will be positively impacted by our existing case management solutions already in production.

We are in the final stages of planning so if you would sincerely like to be involved in this project, we ask for you to consider participating in one of the following two ways:

1)      Development Partner – the most influential guidance and participation level and the most significant financial payback options when contracted

2)      Advisory Bank Partner –provide guidance on product direction and receive some financial considerations when contracted

Please contact me via e-mail or direct call (numbers below) to discuss this product further and how you and your institution can be involved today.

Warm Regards,

Matt Cunningham

SVP – Business Development

Office Direct: 402.905.4887

Cell: 901.482.0605


Twitter: @mcunningham61



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